What Is The “Conflict” I Help With?

My business card and this site both say “I work with people in conflict to figure out a way to untangle the fuss, and achieve peace, calm and a way forward.”  Okay, fine, but what do I mean by “conflict” in this context?

It can mean a lawsuit.  I mediate lawsuits where the people involved decide that continuing to fight in court is not getting what they want.  Peace, and an end to a lawsuit have value.

But conflict doesn’t have to land at the courthouse, in a lawsuit.  Many conflicts never see court.  Many conflicts are not appropriate for court.  Conflict can also be an argument, like between parent and teen about working, curfew or dating rules.  I’ve helped a number of teens and parents work their way through conflicts and arguments that were making life  difficult.

Conflict can be a disagreement between neighbors.  There neighbor, and neighborhood conflicts that are about dogs, music, parties or the overhanging tree.  Parking can be a source of conflict, particularly in areas near schools, parks, churches and where residential areas bump up against commercial areas.

Conflict can be more ominous, such as that feeling that you are headed for divorce, and knowing you don’t want to get into a lengthy, expensive court battle. Mediation, or collaborative divorce, keep the decisions in the hands of you and your spouse.  Mediation and collaborative divorce, because they happen before you go to court, can happen on your own time frame, rather than needing to meet rushed court schedules, and potential court delays.  (You eventually need to go to court in a West Virginia divorce, but with mediation or a collaborative divorce, you work out all the details first.)

And “conflict” might just be two people, unmarried and no plans in that direction, who want help working out the details of a parenting plan, to figure out a way to have BOTH parents involved in raising the new child they both love.

Contact me about your conflict.  Let’s see if we can untangle the fuss.


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