What Do You Want To Know About Conflict and Mediation?

As I add to this blog, I am interested in hearing what questions you have about conflicts, disputes, or disagreements and the possible ways to resolve them.  When we talk about a conflict or disagreement, does it always need to get resolved?  Does every dispute or argument need a clear winner?

What about learning how to communicate within our disputes in a way that allows everyone to be heard, and understood–does that have value?

What questions do you have about mediation?  Do you know that different mediators describe the way they work as mediators in different ways, and how those might be similar or different?  What about mediator neutrality-can a mediator have an opinion, and still be neutral in a conflict?  Or effective?

Mediation, structured negotiation and collaborative practice have some similarities–how are they different, and how are they similar?

I plan to address questions such as these in the future on this blog.  Let me know what questions you have about mediation and conflict, and I will do my best to answer those.


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